All Hair Removal is performed by Certified Professional Body Sugaring Practitioners.  "Of course it hurts to pull out hair however you do it, but many find sugaring less painful than waxing."

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  • Sugaring pulls with the hair's natural growth which means it will hurt less than traditional waxing techniques.

  • Can remove shorter hairs so you'll be smoother longer.

  • Longer lasting, means fewer visits.

  • Pulling with natural growth also means fewer to no ingrown hairs.

  • After service skin has no bumps with mild to no redness.

Hair removal using sugar paste was pioneered by the ancient Egyptians. Our sugar paste is made from all natural ingredients, including real sugar and lemon juice, which provides mild and effective hair removal.  Gentle on skin, and contains absolutely no chemicals or by-products. It is never tested on animals. In fact, it’s so natural, you can even eat it!


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